At atrete, consulting and engineering means using our expertise to achieve business success for our customers.
We are manufacturer-neutral and completely independent. Success for our customers is the only thing that matters.

Vendor Management 

An important discipline

We at atrete believe that Vendor Management should be a discipline in each Enterprise. With our background in Procurement and IT we qualify to help you improve the way you manage and interact with your suppliers. 
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IT Service Management

Transparency for your IT

Do you know how much your IT costs? IT service provisioning with underlying processes and procedures enables the IT organization to increase efficiency and reduce costs while delivering standard services with the required quality.
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Network Security

Network Zoning

The implementation of network zones with defined, secure and properly managed connections is a very important part in an overall security concept. To design a practicle and operational network zoning model, it is important to have vast experience in this area. Experience which atrete has from many network zoning mandates in the past years.