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Webinar recording: SD-WAN - the basis of digitization

Duration: approx. 30 minutes

 With SD-WAN you can

  • Reduce complexity
  • decrease costs
  • Measuring, analyzing and optimizing

You can find out what exactly is hidden behind these statements and what you have to pay attention to when choosing a solution under the following link: 

Recording Webinar "SD-WAN - the basis of digitization".


The following topics await you in the webinar: 

  1. WAN architecture past and present
  2. The drivers for SD-WAN
  3. Implementation scenarios
  4. Recommendation for action
  5. How we support you in the further development of your WAN


Employee photo Michael Kaufmann
Michael Kaufmann, CEO, Managing Partner
Employee photo David Eberle
David Eberle, Senior Consultant, Associate Partner

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