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Webinar recording: Microsegmentation - do I need it?

Duration: approx. 45 minutes

The recording of the webinar "Microsegmentation - do I need it?", which took place on June 12, 2018, is now available: 

GoToWebinar recording "Microsegmentation - do I need it?"


Microsegmentation is a term that is mentioned again and again when it comes to increasing security. Complicated rule sets and high operating costs are often the first associations. Maybe this is a reason why the topic is often talked about but hardly any projects are realized. Microsegmenation contains some very interesting aspects like network virtualization or automation interfaces - a whole spectrum of new possibilities for simplification in projects but also in operation. In this webinar we would like to take a holistic look at what microsegmentation involves, what approaches are available on the market and what the drivers for implementation can be.

atrete, as an independent consulting firm, presents the following in this webinar in about 45 minutes: 

  1. What is microsegmentation
  2. Different solution concepts
  3. What does the market currently offer?
  4. Driver for a realization of microsegmentation
  5. Key points for implementation
  6. Questions & Answers


Staff photo Manuel Zoro
Manuel Zoro, Associate Partner
Employee photo Michael Kaufmann
Michael Kaufmann, Managing Director, Partner

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