Digital Work Collaboration: Maturity Check

Why atrete Digital Work Collaboration?

Would you like to know whether your company is working together efficiently, whether the right tools are being used and whether they are being used correctly?

Would you like to find out where your company still has potential for optimization in the area of digital work collaboration?

The "Maturity Check for Digital Work Collaboration" package from atrete provides you with insights and approaches for possible optimization.

How do we proceed?

To understand where you are today, we analyze your current situation.

We review available strategies, concepts, architectures, tools used, training materials, etc.

We conduct 2 workshops of 2h each with your relevant stakeholders from business, IT and users to gather the views of these representatives.

The analysis includes the following dimensions:

  • Technology - technologies and tools used and their setup
  • Security - aspects such as data classification, data protection, conditional access, compliance.
  • Governance - as a framework for the use of cloud solutions such as M365 (guest access, provisioning, use of cloud services, visibility of groups, permissions, naming convention, lifecycle e.g. of teams, etc.).
  • Operations - Operational aspects such as ownership, service description, SLA, operating model.
  • User adoption - adoption and communication measures and training concepts implemented to date.
Analysis Digital Work Collaboration Spider Diagram

What do you get as an outcome?

Based on the analysis carried out, our experience from comparable mandates and best practice approaches, we draw up a maturity assessment and show you where the greatest potential for improvement lies for you.

In the dimensions, we show you which options for action you can use to increase your maturity. This also includes quick wins that can be implemented in the short term. In addition, we uncover possible stumbling blocks that need to be considered in your next steps.

Digital Work Collaboration

We make

Analysis of your current situation and identification of possible optimization potential.

You get

Insights as well as approaches to possible optimizations in the area of Digital Work Collaboration

icon procurement/ digital workplace u0026 collaborationYour investment

CHF 7'000