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Whether you are just planning to use the cloud or want to put existing cloud systems to the test - our experts will support you. From the individual cloud strategy to successful migration.

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Why atrete cloud consulting?

Signpost on your Cloud Journey

Our consultants offer your company valuable guidance in the cloud evaluation process. With us you benefit from: 

Future-proof cloud strategies
We do not only support you in the choice of technology. We develop a strategic direction for your way into or in the cloud. 

Profound decisionmaking
In the end, they decide how much they benefit from the cloud. We check in advance which requirements you have to meet, which providers, models and services make sense for you.

Collaboration with the transformation professional
Innovations often require a realignment of the organization that uses them. We are experienced in change management and will tell you in good time what is in store for you. 

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Cloud or not?

That is no longer a question today. Cloud services simply have too many advantages for businesses. The question that arises is: how to get into the cloud? Those who are already using them may want to know: Are we getting the most out of our contracts and systems? We provide answers - with the modular "atrete Cloud-Approach".

How atrete supports the implementation

Your way to the goal with proven atrete procedure

icon cloud strategy/ cloudCloud Strategy

The first step: Together we develop a cloud strategy. We define goals, research influencing factors and relevant deployment scenarios. We use a roadmap to record the milestones for successful implementation.

icon technical assessment/ cloudTechnical assessment

Just as important: a profound assessment. We look at your current situation in terms of infrastructure and applications. Based on this, we define the migration patterns.

icon preparation/ cloudPreparation

After choosing the provider, we prepare the target platform. This includes the definition of the resource structure, identity management issues, security and compliance.

icon migration/ cloudMigration

A cloud migration is not feasible without structured project management. We plan, coordinate and lead the migration for you.

icon adaptation/ cloudAdaptation

A Cloud Journey is more than a technical change. It involves organisational, personnel and process adjustments. We help with this transformation.

Consulting focus

Here you will find our main areas of consulting as well as an extract of the most important questions. We will be happy to help you with individual problems.

  • Where does my company stand in the Cloud Journey?
  • What does the application landscape look like?
  • What workloads are generated and what do the data flows look like?
  • How is our data currently classified?
  • Which use cases can be optimally implemented in the cloud?
  • Which service model fits my application portfolio?
  • What is our basic attitude towards Cloud?
  • What should remain on-premise?
  • Multi- or single-cloud approach?
  • What is the optimal cloud model for us?
  • What chances & possibilities does the cloud open up for me?
  • What could an exit scenario look like?

  • Which data flows of my applications cause additional costs?
  • How do I calculate my cloud journey costs or how much effort is worth investing in this task?
  • What are the cost drivers of the service models?
  • What are the migration patterns (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)?
  • Is the on-premise architecture ready for connecting cloud services?
  • Do we have use cases for containers and cloud native projects today?
  • Does a hybrid cloud architecture make sense for us?
  • What are the regulatory requirements for my industry?
  • What do we need to do to stay within the legal framework?
  • What do the data protection laws prescribe?
  • Which is the most suitable provider for my use cases?
  • How should the contracts be structured, what can be influenced?
  • What are the exit clauses?
  • What are the appropriate automation and orchestration tools for my use cases?
  • What can be automated using cloud services?
  • Who is actively driving the transformation project forward?
  • What does cloud transformation mean for me and my company?
  • What does a realistic roadmap look like?
  • Which existing use cases can be transformed into the cloud to increase efficiency? 
  • Where does a proof of concept make sense?
  • How do I ensure security and monitoring of data and services in the cloud?
  • From where and how may the data and services be accessed?
  • How do I protect my data and applications from cyber attacks in the cloud?
  • How can I protect myself from ransomware attacks using cloud services?
  • Should or can the data be additionally encrypted?
  • How should key management be ensured?
  • How must my organization adapt and how do tasks and roles change?
  • Can agile working methods be applied with the use of cloud services?

David Eberle - Head of cloud

David Eberle Head of cloud
"No way past the cloud. So waiting is not a strategy."

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