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The future of IT infrastructure is end-to-end. Scalable, efficient solutions from the cloud, secure data center services and optimal connectivity. All of this is necessary to reap the benefits of digital transformation. Our experts support you in setting yourself up for the future - from the development of an end-to-end strategy to successful migration.

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Why cloud, connectivity & datacenter consulting from atrete?

Your cloud makes the difference!

Companies face the challenge of keeping pace with rapid digital change while ensuring that their infrastructure is flexible, scalable and highly available. Whether it's storing customer data securely in the cloud, ensuring connectivity between distributed locations or improving the efficiency and reliability of the data center, the right IT infrastructure is crucial for long-term success.

Future-proof strategies
We work with you to develop the strategic direction for your infrastructure - be it private, hybrid or public cloud. Our focus is on optimized performance, greater security and a future-proof architecture.

Consistent network for all locations
No matter where you are, your IT infrastructure must be consistently available. atrete connects your locations from the access network, via WAN to the data center and into the cloud.

Reliable infrastructures
No company can afford failures or poor performance of its IT systems. We support you in setting up highly available yet lean architectures so that your IT infrastructure functions reliably. This allows you to concentrate fully on your business.

Collaboration with the transformation professional
Innovations require an organizational realignment. atrete is an expert in change management, anticipates changes in good time and accompanies you safely through the transformation.

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Infrastructure as required

The question today is no longer whether the cloud will be used, but how and for what purpose. Dynamic infrastructure requirements, unpredictable loads, powerful and flexible connectivity, high availability requirements and regulatory requirements are just some of the challenges in the infrastructure sector. We offer answers and solutions - with our modular "atrete cloud approach".

How atrete supports the implementation

Navigating unerringly through change - with the proven atrete approach


Together we develop a comprehensive platform strategy. We define clear goals with you, analyze influencing factors and identify relevant deployment scenarios. In a roadmap, we record the milestones that are crucial for successful implementation.


An essential step is the assessment of your current situation with regard to infrastructure and applications. On this basis, we create a well-founded analysis and define a suitable migration procedure.

icon preparation/ cloudPreparation

After developing the target architecture, we prepare the target platforms. This includes defining logical structures, connectivity, identity and access management, automation and ensuring security and compliance.

icon migration/ cloudMigration

A successful migration requires high-quality project management. We take over the planning, control and management of the migration process to ensure a smooth transition for you. Whether waterfall model or agile implementation, we move confidently in both worlds.

icon adaptation/ cloudAdaptation

The cloud journey goes beyond purely technical changes. It also includes organizational, personnel and process adjustments. In this context, we actively support you during the transformation to ensure that you successfully master all aspects of the change.

Consulting focus

With our holistic approach, we ensure that your IT infrastructure meets your company's requirements while enabling innovation and growth. We offer tailored solutions to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are planning a cloud migration, optimizing your network or modernizing your data center, we are here to advise you with our expertise and experience.

  • Cloud readiness of the IT infrastructure
  • Application landscape
  • Workloads & Data Flows
  • Data Protection & Network Security
  • IaaS / PaaS / SaaS
  • Cloud Only / Cloud First / Cloud Selective / On-Prem with SaaS
  • Principles & principles
  • Business Drivers
  • Opportunities & risks

  • Business Case
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Billing Models
  • Cost drivers of the service models
  • Cost optimization
  • Resource structure (hybrid & cloud native)
  • Landing Zone
  • Network architecture (cloud, peering, DC, WAN, MAN, campus LAN & WLAN)
  • Compute, Storage, Backup
  • Container management
  • Security and monitoring
  • High Availability & Disaster Recovery
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Automation and orchestration tools
  • Scale out infrastructure (up / down)
  • Workload management
  • Automated Testing
  • Internal and external requirements / regulations
  • Data protection laws
  • Risk management
  • Data integrity
  • Data security
  • Monitoring & Observability
  • Encryption
  • Cybersecurity & ransomware protection
  • Evaluations & procurement projects
  • Proof of concepts
  • Provider selection
  • Contract management
  • Exit scenarios
  • Project management
  • Expectation & stakeholder management
  • Organizational adjustment
  • Role definitions
  • Skill management
  • Service management processes
  • Concept
  • Roadmapping
  • Requirements Engineering

David Eberle - Head of cloud, connectivity & datacenter

David Eberle Head of cloud
"With innovation, strategy and expertise, we are jointly shaping the path to agile, secure and future-oriented cloud platforms."

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