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Neutrality is one of the key points of any professional procurement, market knowledge is another. As a Swiss consulting company, atrete advises you independently of manufacturers and with comprehensive know-how.

atrete IT sourcing advisory

Why IT sourcing advisory?

Good arguments for IT procurement with atrete

The complexity of IT procurement and thus the demands on companies are becoming ever greater. Our sourcing experts support your purchasing department - and in the case of insourcing also your human resources and the responsible IT department.  

Relieve the burden on purchasing
Building and maintaining the necessary know-how for successful IT procurement projects is costly, if not impossible, for companies. We deal with the topic of sourcing on a daily basis and are happy to share our knowledge. 

Use IT in line with your needs
When purchasing IT, only pay for what you actually use. Our consultants help you find the best subscription and licensing models for your cloud systems.

Sourcing and procurement professionals on call
Do you need a project manager with knowledge of public procurement law at short notice to carry out a tender? Talk to us!

Sustainable IT procurement
Sustainability in IT procurement is a complex issue. The aspects of environment, society and economy want to be considered equally, and the variety of standards, certifications and labels is constantly changing. Our consultants support you so that, in the end, not only the environment and society benefit, but also your image and your budget.

atrete sourcing advisory

The best IT buyers at your side

Whether hardware, software or cloud services: atrete advises and accompanies you through the entire procurement process - from the tender to the SLA review.

How atrete supports the implementation

Manufacturer-independent advice and
negotiating skills

icon sourcing strategy/ IT sourcing advisorySourcing Strategy

Make or Buy - the classic decision dilemma in IT procurement. Based on a suitable sourcing strategy, you can quickly decide on a clear direction.

icon tendering/ IT sourcing advisoryCall for tender

Well thought-out tender documents are essential to obtain comparable offers. Our consulting services, combined with atrete sourcing templates, lead to success.

icon evaluation/ IT sourcing advisoryEvaluation

A fair and transparent evaluation of all providers should be the goal of every evaluation - our atrete sourcing tool ensures transparency and traceability in the evaluation process.

icon transition/ IT sourcing advisoryTransition

In this phase we set the course for success together. If you wish, we can manage your transition project as a whole or provide selective support with our expertise.

icon contract design/ IT sourcing advisoryDrafting of contracts

All signatory parties must understand the contract. Our specialists are well-versed in drafting contracts and ensure that they receive clearly understandable documents.

icon contract negotiation/ IT sourcing advisoryContract negotiation

Only those who define the goal in advance and actively control the negotiation can influence the outcome. Together with our trained contract negotiators and you, we form a powerful negotiating team.

Consulting focus

  • Providing the basis for sourcing decisions
  • Inclusion of relevant strategies, e.g. cloud strategy, security concept or sustainability strategy
  • Establishing governance with the necessary monitoring and control functions
  • Roadmap for implementation
  • Definition of procurement object
  • Elicitation and prioritization of requirements, framework conditions, e.g. business processes or sustainability
  • Execution of market analyses and Request for Information (RfI)
  • Procurement design, lot formation, pricing, service quality
  • Preparation of the draft agreement
  • Definition of evaluation criteria and their weighting
  • Preparation of tender documents, Request for Proposal (RfP), Request for Quote (RfQ)
  • Evaluation of tenders
  • Moderation of the evaluation workshops
  • Negotiation strategy and establishment of the negotiation team
  • Price and contract negotiations and conclusion of
  • Project management of the transition
  • Change management (organizational)
  • Tracking of the supplier's delivery results
  • Quality assurance and testing of the delivery results
  • Verification of compliance with contractual obligations
  • Compliance with Service Level Agreements
  • Applicability of the performance indicators to everyday life
  • Contract adjustment after changes on the customer or supplier side
  • Mediation in muddled situations

Martin Strässler - Head of IT sourcing advisory

Martin Straessler Head of IT sourcing advisory
"We get the best out of IT procurement."

Are you interested in sourcing advisory from atrete or would you like a strong negotiating partner for your IT contracts at your side?

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