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Security for your data, applications and generally for your business - with atrete you protect what is important. As an experienced, independent and reliable partner, we are at your side for all questions regarding IT security.

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Why cyber security from atrete?

Minimize IT risks, secure the basis for success

IT threats are becoming increasingly specific and complex. Your company must therefore regularly review and update its cyber security to effectively eliminate new attack vectors. We show you how.

Meeting worldwide security standards
In Europe and Switzerland, higher data protection and security standards apply in some cases than in other parts of the world. We have the overview and secure data access to your international network.

Reach Cyber Resilience
You cannot exclude or prevent cyber attacks, but you can keep the damage as small as possible. With our security concepts you can restore your systems after a cyber incident on an ad hoc basis.

Special Task: Cloud Security
Some companies shy away from using cloud solutions. The fear is unfounded. We have special security strategies in place that allow you to benefit from digital flexibility without compromising security.

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Only neutral security advice is good security advice

As IT security experts, we advise our customers never to bet everything on one horse. The use of different providers and technologies is crucial for the protection of your systems and data. Let us talk about how we can make your IT more secure. 

How atrete supports the implementation

Security concepts with vision

icon security strategy/ cyber securitySecurity Strategy

Create an effective cyber security strategy with our support. Our consultants take into account both your internal and external security requirements.

icon security architecture/ cyber securitySecurity Architecture

On the basis of a well thought-out security strategy, we develop the appropriate architecture with you. We find the necessary technologies and evaluate them.

icon security reviews/ cyber securitySecurity Reviews

In this phase, our security experts compare the organizational and technical protection measures according to best practices and basic IT protection specifications. The gap analysis shows where improvements can be made.

icon cloud security/ cyber securityCloud Security

We secure your cloud systems. We check your existing security concept for gaps, check which integrated cloud security services provide sufficient protection and where additional technologies make sense.

icon interim CISOInterim CISO

You want to protect your IT infrastructure, but you lack the know-how? atrete provides you with an experienced interim Chief Information Security Officer who will support you in meeting the security standards of customers, partners and authorities.

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Consulting focus

  • Are classic zone concepts still necessary?
  • How do I design the optimal network segmentation?
  • What do zone concepts in and with the cloud look like? Keywords: zero trust, microsegmentation.
  • How do I implement a Network Access Control System?
  • How do I design a secure remote access?
  • How do I secure cloud access?
  • How do I design the Privilege Management and its access control? Keyword: Jumphost
  • What is secure Identity & Access Management?
  • Is my data secure in all phases of the data life cycle?
  • Do I have an adequate data security strategy?
  • How secure is the data in a development environment?
  • Do I need an extension of security through Data Rights Management?
  • Are auditability, traceability and accountability ensured?
  • How do I deal with Local Administrator privileges?
  • What does my Mobile Device Management look like?
  • How and where do I implement anti-virus/anti-malware systems?
  • Do I have a secure and consistent approach to computer access control?
  • Do I get the crucial information with an intrusion detection system?
  • Is my Intrusion Prevention System configured properly?
  • How do I set up Security Information and Event Management?
  • Does my company need a Security Operations Center?
  • Is my patch management and deployment sufficient?
  • Can I optimize my IT service continuity management and IT disaster recovery setup?
  • Can I meet my defined Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)?
  • Are process adjustments necessary?
  • Are there weaknesses in clustering and load balancing?
  • Am I able to restore my systems after a cyber incident? What is my Mean time to recovery (MTTR)?
  • Are my backups secure and is my backup management consistent?

Manuel Zoro - Head of cyber security

"Cyber incidents, malicious or not, are the biggest threat to any business in the world."

Are you interested in security consulting from atrete or the full protection of your company data?

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