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There is always room for improvement: Discover the full potential of your IT in the areas of data management, process automation and artificial intelligence. Our consultants and engineers will support you in finding and implementing optimal solutions for your IT landscape.

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Why data, automation & AI from atrete?

Progress and efficiency for your IT  

Innovations for your new business, efficiency and optimization for your existing business. Our expertise in data quality, automation and artificial intelligence will move your company forward quickly. 

Data quality as the cornerstone for progress
First-class data hygiene, correct and well-founded decisions and a deep understanding of your IT infrastructure. All important milestones for the digital maturity of your company. We support you in the normalization and standardization of your data. This enables you to achieve optimal integration into automation and AI processes, which significantly accelerates your digital transformation.

Automation for greater productivity
Increase your operational efficiency with automation solutions. From simplifying complex processes to increasing productivity - our automation consulting gives your company a decisive competitive advantage.

AI as a driver of innovation
Discover the potential of artificial intelligence with us. Our comprehensive AI expertise enables your company to drive innovation, adapt dynamically to the digital world and set new standards.

Competitive edge with the best of three worlds

Data in combination with automation and artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing the provision and use of IT. We offer you our expertise in design and implementation. And you? Benefit from the best and most secure strategies and solutions for your path into the future.

How atrete supports the implementation

Independent expert advice and practical implementation

Strategic consulting & conception

In our consulting in the areas of data, automation and AI, we focus on end-to-end customer centricity in order to carry out assessments in the best possible way, develop roadmaps quickly and drive your digital transformation.

icon implementation planning/ datacenter & connectivityPlanning & conception

In this phase, we provide you with neutral advice using suitable methods. We thoroughly understand your requirements, quickly design solution concepts and develop service and product models to successfully implement your projects.

icon procurement/ digital workplace & collaborationProcurement of products & solutions

During the sourcing phase, we conduct interviews and workshops, evaluate criteria conscientiously and provide you with objective support in selecting a solution.

Implementation of data, automation & AI

During implementation, we focus on quality and efficiency. We cleanse, standardize and normalize data. In the area of automation, we use infrastructure-as-code, CI and CD platforms, DevOps and more. For AI applications, we provide data evaluation, analysis and monitoring to sustainably improve your processes.

Acceptance of transformation

The best transformation strategy is useless without the acceptance of your users for the automation and AI projects. We overcome change management challenges throughout the various phases of strategy implementation, offer workshops and user training and accompany you on the path to successful integration of these technologies.

Consulting focus

  • Evaluation of the current state of data management in the company
  • Assessment of the degree of automation in the company
  • Identification of already implemented automation solutions and potential analysis
  • Assessment of AI readiness (maturity level in terms of data quality/structures) in the company
  • Development of a clear strategy for data, automation and AI
  • Integration of strategies for data, automation and AI into the company's overall strategy
  • Definition of transformation goals and plans for data, automation and AI
  • Support in the distribution of resources and responsibilities in the company for data, automation and AI
  • Support in setting up teams or departments for the topic
  • Development of processes according to DevOps, DevSecOps, GitOps
  • Development of service and product models according to domain-driven or customer-centric design
  • Implementation of transformation initiatives for the integration of data, automation and AI
  • Support in shaping the corporate culture and organization in relation to the topic
  • Advice on data collection or data maintenance for migrations
  • Creation of data models for inventories/CMDB (configuration management database) or migration processes
  • Data migration: Specialist services for merging different or inhomogeneous databases, including cleansing, standardization and normalization of data
  • Determining the implementation costs
  • Creation of business cases and evaluation analyses
  • Creation of implementation concepts
  • Planning of projects for the automation of the IT infrastructure, e.g. in the network landscape: IaC, SDN and in the server landscape: containerization
  • Security of Infrastructure-as-Code
  • Integration of code security in classic IT security (controls)
  • Development and improvement of container platforms
  • Development and optimization of CI and CD platforms
  • Decision-making aids and tenders for products/solutions
  • Development and improvement of infrastructure-as-code

Thomas Somogyi - Head of data, automation & AI

Thomas Somogyi
"High data hygiene and standardization within the company are essential to maximize automation and effectively exploit AI potential."

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