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Are you planning a complex IT migration or a change of provider and want to make the operation of your IT systems more efficient? We support you - from initial planning to implementation.

atrete migration & operations

Why IT migration & IT operations from atrete?

Successful transition of your IT

IT is constantly evolving and companies need to keep pace with the latest technological trends. We support you in the transition to efficient operation:

Migration planning and management
Are you planning complex IT migrations and want to implement them efficiently? We can help you, plan and successfully implement the migration project.

Optimize and automate IT operations
We support you in optimizing and automating your IT operating processes so that you can achieve your business goals.

Bridging IT staff shortages
Are you short of experienced IT staff? We are happy to support you temporarily in a line or specialist position.

atrete dateacenter and connectivity

Minimum downtime, maximum performance

IT outages must be kept as short as possible. For every transition or migration, this must be assessed according to the situation and planned accordingly. atrete supports you as an IT operator with the tried-and-tested atrete Migration Approach.

How atrete supports the implementation

Everything for IT that simply grows with you

icon implementation planningMigration planning

Our migration managers take over the planning, control and management of the migration process to ensure a smooth transition for you. They are also well-versed in agile or DevOps methods.

icon migrationMigration support

During the migration, it is not only necessary to coordinate various operating teams and service providers. They also need to be given technical guidance and hands-on support. Our technical migration planners ensure that the migration is a success in the end.

Operational optimization and automation

IT operations should be as efficient as possible. We support you in making sensible use of the available organizational and technological possibilities.

Personnel support

We have an official staff leasing license, which enables us to provide you with employees who will become part of your team.

Consulting focus

  • Distribution of resources and responsibilities
  • Setting up project teams or departments
  • Developedingn a comprehensive migration strategy
  • Development of migration plans and concepts
  • Risk identification and management
  • Ensuring safety standards and compliance
  • Data transmission and integration
  • Project management and control during the migration
  • Checking the delivery results and ensuring the successful completion of the migration
  • Support planning- and maintenance after migration
  • Project review incl. risks and countermeasures
  • Ensuring sufficient operating resources
  • Review of the migration methods
  • Independent verification of migration results
  • Assessment of the risks and the countermeasures taken
  • Review of applied project management practices and governance structures
  • Ensuring sufficient operating resources for the migration
  • Evaluation of the migration methods and techniques used
  • Providing a second opinion based on an independent analysis of the migration strategy and execution
  • Implementation of best practices for IT operations
  • Capacity planning and resource optimization
  • Ensuring the availability, performance and security of IT services
  • Incident management and problem solving
  • Implementation of backup and recovery strategies
  • Continuous improvement of IT operations through feedback and analysis
  • Training of employees in practices and -IT Operations tools
  • Introduction and review of DevOps practices
  • Support in the implementation of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD)
  • Automation of test and deployment processes
  • Implementation of infrastructure-as-code (IaC)
  • Integration of monitoring and troubleshooting into the development process
  • Training teams in DevOps principles and tools
  • Establishing a DevOps culture and collaboration between development and operations
  • Support in the optimization of release and deployment processes

Stefan Müller - Head of migration & operations

Stefan Mueller Head of datacenter and connectivity
"Professional IT migrations and efficient IT operations are the key to successfully modernizing and increasing the efficiency of your systems"

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