June 3, 2020

atrete Insight 2020

Welcome to our first atrete Insight. In future, we will provide you with interesting ideas and thoughts from our Consulting Practice Areas on an annual basis - as always from an independent and neutral perspective.

In today's atrete Insight we cannot avoid the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. No one can currently predict how the economy will develop. This makes it all the more important for us in the IT departments at all levels to develop plans so that the possible scenarios for the company can be successfully managed and at best even an improved market position can be achieved. I hope you enjoy the readying and would also be pleased to hear how you like the atrete Insight.

Best regards,
Michael Kaufmann, CEO and Managing Partner, atrete

Michael Kaufmann
Michael Kaufmann, CEO, Managing Partner

Covid-19 recommendation for IT Leaders

After the lockdown is not before the lockdown

The economic crisis triggered by the Corona pandemic is affecting practically all industries. The predicted scenarios are varied and cover the spectrum from an economic dip to the forecast of the most severe economic recession since the 1930s.

Soberly considered, the immediate development depends strongly on how the global development around the spread of the Covid 19 virus continues: At what speed and intensity does the virus spread? And what measures will be needed?
Although there is every reason to hope for at least a global recovery in the second half of the year, it is difficult to predict the full extent of the situation and how it will develop. Initial experience from abroad shows that the economy is rather hesitant even after the lockdown.

Nevertheless, even then questions arise:

  • when will demand pick up again
  • how will this happen and are we ready for it?

In summary, the corona pandemic has shaken the economy and we are facing an uncertain "new normality". Although the future will look different, it will be no less rich in opportunities. This newly won freedom is our chance to improve ourselves.

The past few months will have an influence on all of our behaviour, whether it be in our personal dealings, our consumer behaviour or in the way we work.

Here are a few examples:  

  • Your employees want to work more in the home office in the future.
  • At least some of the business trips are completely replaced by video conferences.
  • Digitisation in companies is becoming even more urgent.
  • Companies will increasingly have to offer digital content.
  • From now on, consumers will order online more often.

Recommendation for action

Workman in workshop

We see the following immediate need for action for those responsible for IT and digitisation, summarised in 8 points:

  1. The new future is rich in opportunities - identify the opportunities that arise to improve us.
  2. Readiness Check - are we ready when the economy picks up again?
  3. Revise the business/service continuity concepts with regard to supply chain disruptions, reduced employee productivity, lost revenue, travel restrictions
  4. Reprioritisation of the project portfolio and advancement of digitisation projects
  1. Development and implementation of a Digital Workplace Concept 2.0 considering BYOx, area-wide distribution, collaboration possibilities, customer portals and security.
  2. Closing of IT security gaps (as a direct result of emergency changes in recent weeks).
  3. Strengthen business resilience and prepare for future growth (the upturn is coming!).
  4. Using Big Data and Analytics becomes even more essential for faster and better decision making.

For further information:

For the digital transformation to succeed, it requires not only innovations and new technologies - but also a cultural change in the company. The Corona crisis shows how important digitalisation is for companies. atrete will be happy to support you in this process. 

Staff photo Serge Ballinari

Serge Ballinari

Head of CIO advisory, Partner