Sustainable IT sourcing

When does a location determination Sustainable IT sourcing make sense?

  • Do you want to make your procurement of ICT products and services more sustainable?
  • Do you want to implement the requirements of the revised BöB or IVöB in your procurement projects?
  • Have you lost track of the multitude of certifications, labels and standards?
  • Are you looking for sustainability criteria that make a difference, but at the same time can still be met by a sufficient number of suitable providers?
  • Are you looking for best practices and sustainability concepts so that you don't have to ask yourself the question about criteria, priorities, certifications, etc. every time you procure?

If these questions sound familiar, we recommend our Sustainable IT Sourcing site survey.

How do we proceed?

Together with you, we review a selection of recent and upcoming procurements with regard to sustainability. In doing so, we show you fundamental best practices for sustainable sourcing, but also develop concrete proposals for one of your upcoming procurement projects.

Test points

  • Do you already have a sustainability strategy or concept?
  • How sustainable are your current solutions and was this taken into account during procurement?
  • How open are your current procurements to sustainable alternatives to the standard?
  • Is consideration given to extending lifecycles prior to your procurements e.g. through updates, additions or replacement of parts?


  • High level analysis of selected current procurements
  • Analysis of a currently pending procurement project with regard to the test points
  • Interviews with key persons, e.g. purchasing manager or user representative
  • Development of best practices and proposals taking into account
    • different requirements depending on product / service
    • suitable certifications and labels

What do you get as an outcome?

We prepare a report in the form of a PowerPoint slidedeck of approx. 10 - 15 pages, in which we present the analysis topics and their outcomes. On the one hand, you will find a proposal for best practices in sustainable procurement, and on the other hand, concrete suggestions for a current procurement project.

Sustainable IT sourcing

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