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Webinar recording: The Future of Collaboration

Duration: approx. 45 minutes

The recording of the webinar "The Future of Collaboration" is now available: 

GoToWebinar recording "The Future of Collaboration


atrete, as an independent consulting firm, will present the following in this webinar in about 45 minutes on the topic of Collaboration/UCC: 

  1. atrete - short introduction
  2. What do we understand by collaboration? 
  3. The evolution from UCC to Collaboration 
  4. Collaboration @ atrete - Field report 
  5. Possible risks - what should be taken into account
  6. Recommendations for action 


Employee photo Lorenz Uebelhart
Lorenz Uebelhart, Partner
Employee photo Michael Kaufmann
Michael Kaufmann, CEO, Managing Partner

Further information / questions or +41 44 266 55 55