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Breakfast Event: IT Orchestration - Automation of IT Infrastructures

Our breakfast event focused on one of the most important topics in today's digital business world - the automation of IT infrastructures.

At a time when companies are increasingly dependent on technology to remain competitive, the automation of IT processes and infrastructures plays a crucial role. It not only enables more efficient use of resources, but also faster service delivery and improved scalability.

Our experts presented practical examples and first-hand experiences to show how the automation of IT infrastructures can drive your business forward. Participants had the opportunity to learn from proven solutions and gain valuable know-how. In addition, everyone had the opportunity to exchange ideas with other customers and benefit from their experiences.

Our speakers
Stefan Müller, Head of datacenter & connectivity
Manuel Zoro, COO
Urs Haug, Partner
Adrian Schmidlin, Partner
Daniel Schweizer, Senior Consultant
Patrik Huber, Senior Consultant
Thomas Somogyi, Consultant