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Recording Webinar: Importance of successful cloud strategies for companies & employees

Duration: approx. 45 minutes
Language: German

Learn about the impact of a cloud strategy on companies and employees in this informative webinar. Cloud technology has become a key driver of digital transformation, presenting businesses with numerous opportunities and challenges.
To take full advantage of the cloud and achieve your business goals, it's important to have a clear, well-thought-out cloud strategy.

Recording Webinar: Successful Cloud Strategies and What It Means for Businesses and Employees

The following topics await you in the webinar:

  • What does it mean to have no strategy or an incomplete strategy, respectively to have fixed guidelines?
  • What are the cloud strategies?
  • What belongs in a cloud strategy?
  • What do you use one for, or how do you communicate one, how do you lead with a cloud strategy?
  • How to achieve the strategically defined goals?

The webinar is aimed at cloud engineers as well as their supervisors and managers, as cloud strategy affects the entire company.


Patrik Huber, Senior Consultant cloud
Employee photo David Eberle
David Eberle, Head of cloud

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