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Recording Webinar: Introducing Zero Trust Successfully

Duration: approx. 45 minutes

You have certainly noticed the buzzword Zero Trust more and more lately, be it from manufacturers or from any technical articles and news. But what has changed in the last 12 years since the first mention of a Zero Trust Model in 2010? What is really possible in 2022? How far have manufacturers developed their solutions? What is the procedure and what should be taken into account so that such a model can really be implemented in practice?

In our webinar, we will show what a target architecture should look like, which aspects should definitely be considered and which dos and don'ts decide whether a Zero Trust programme will be successful or not.

Recording Webinar: Introducing Zero Trust Successfully

The following topics await you in the webinar:

  • Brief introduction to Zero Trust
  • Implementation options 2022
    • Architecture
    • Solutions
    • Procedure

The webinar is aimed at IT/infrastructure managers, department/team leaders, security officers. 


Staff photo Mario Homberger
Mario Homberger, former Head of cyber security
Photo COO Manuel Zoro
Manuel Zoro, COO, Managing Partner

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