ITSM - site assessment

Why should you conduct an ITSM site assessment?

Do the IT services meet the expectations of your service recipients in terms of usability, performance, stability and cost efficiency?

Does your company have a balanced basis of trust in the IT organization and is it optimally supported by IT services?

Do you need a second opinion or a general assessment of your IT service delivery?

Is your IT organization optimally positioned and prepared to quickly absorb and support new market issues, such as:

  • Digitization specifications
  • Cloud Service Integrations
  • DevOps integration
  • Support for hybrid IT operating models

The atrete ITSM site assessment provides you with an overview of your IT service organization for management purposes. With our experience, we create transparency for you and show strengths and weaknesses.

How do we proceed?

According to the principle - start where you are - we create an ACTUAL - TARGET comparison and place it in the context of the "best practice" of IT service management.

Test points

Management requirements and objectives:

  • IT Strategy
  • ITSM goals (targets)
  • IT project portfolio (3 year plan)
  • Critical success factors

Beneficiary vs. provider perspective:

  • Stakeholder requirements
  • Service provision (tactical, operational)
  • Information Analysis


Inclusion of the target variables:

  • Project coordination
  • Information intake
  • Determination of the required documents
  • Stakeholder analysis


  • Up to 4 interviews with stakeholders
  • Walk-through in operation
  • Documentation provided

What do you get as a result?

We create a report in the form of a "PowerPoint" presentation, about 12 pages in length, in which we present the analysis topics, results and need for action (measures). From this you can see where your ITSM currently stands, what requirements the stakeholders have, where are important opportunities and risks and where are optimization potentials in your IT organization, for the adequate alignment of the service catalog, to the current and future needs.
Furthermore, we conduct a presentation in order to convey the findings in a transparent and addressee-appropriate manner.

ITSM site assessment

We make

We review your current ITSM performance with regard to the achievement of IT targets

You get

Management Report

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