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Webinar recording: Collaboration & Workplace after the lockdown

Duration: approx. 45 minutes

Surely your company has also successfully taken measures to support the work and cooperation in this special situation. New additional tools were introduced ad hoc, functions of existing solutions were extended, additional licenses were procured, bandwidths were increased, firewall rules were adapted, cloud solutions were used and other measures were taken. In most cases, this is likely to have been done quickly, disruptively and with exceptions. So what should be done after the lockdown?

In this webinar, we will show you from an independent consultant's point of view what tasks you might expect after the lockdown.

Recording Webinar "Collaboration & Workplace after Lockdown


The following topics await you in the webinar: 

  • Effects Lockdown on Collaboration & Workplace
  • Scenarios occurring in the lockdown  
  • Possible tasks after the lockdown
  • Recommendation for action
  • How we support you with the tasks
Employee photo Lorenz Uebelhart
Lorenz Uebelhart,
Head dwp & collab, Partner
Philip Wong
Philipp Wong,
Senior Consultant

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