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Webinar recording: Stumbling blocks and success factors on the way to the cloud

Duration: approx. 50 minutes

Surely you have already dealt with the promising possibilities of the cloud and its application possibilities in your company. The big hyper scalers such as Microsoft, Google or AWS promise enormous cost savings, innovation advantages and efficiency gains. But regardless of where you and your company are on the way to the Cloud, new questions and stumbling blocks are constantly emerging: 

  • What do I get out of the cloud? 
  • Can I really save costs by stepping into the cloud? 
  • Am I even allowed to go to the cloud? 
  • Which migration procedures have proven successful? 
  • How do I need to adjust the organization when I go to the cloud? 

In this webinar, we will show you from an independent consultant's perspective which stumbling blocks you may encounter on your way to the cloud and which factors will decide on success or failure. 

Webinar recording: "Stumbling blocks and success factors on the way to the cloud".


The following topics await you in the webinar:

  • Phases and tasks on the way to the cloud 
  • Most important stumbling blocks in the respective phase 
  • Recommendations for action and success factors 
  • How we support you with the tasks 

The webinar is aimed at IT/Infrastructure Managers, Department/Team Managers, Business and Application Owners and Governance Representatives who want to get a quick overview and recommendations on the "Cloud Journey".  


Employee photo Patrik Huber
Patrik Huber, Consultant
Employee photo Michael Kaufmann
Michael Kaufmann, CEO

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