4 February 2020

IT workplace 2020 AIO Canton Zug

The Office for Information Technology and Organisation (AIO) is the central provider of IT services for the cantonal administration and the judiciary. As a cross-sectional office, the AIO is responsible for the canton's IT infrastructure with around 2,400 workstations and supports the administration in the use of information and communication technology.

atrete was commissioned to take over the project management for the project, which at that time was slightly delayed, as of the end of September 2018. The project "IT Workplace 2020" (ITAP-2020) aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Modernization and standardization of workplace infrastructure & management systems
  • Update of the client systems to Windows 10 and Office 2019
  • Rollout of the new workstation equipment
  • User training (use of hardware, login procedure, new features of Windows 10, etc.)
  • Enabling "remote / anywhere / mobile" work

To successfully complete this extensive project, the "Hermes 5" project management method established in the cantonal administration was applied. During the initialisation phase, various variants were worked out in the "study" delivery object in order to provide employees with up-to-date systems. The "Modern Workplace" variant was used, which provides three device profiles for the employees. On the basis of the classification into mobility types, workplace devices from the categories notebook / convertible, hybrid tablet and, in a few exceptional cases, workstations are provided. This ensures that the optimum hardware is available for the respective application.  

Based on the "Modern Workplace" variant, a public submission according to GATT-WTO was initiated. By means of four lots (I: procurement hardware, II: rollout, III: training, IV: remarketing) optimal solutions and providers were evaluated on the free market. It proved to be a great challenge to combine the different performance characteristics of the lots in one tender. Lot I, in which desktop computers, notebooks, detachables, convertible tablets, docking stations, monitors and other peripherals were to be procured, turned out to be particularly extensive. In the end, the four lots were awarded to three partners, with one partner being awarded the lots for rollout and remarketing.

In parallel, management systems, software distribution and remote access systems were set up. This required close coordination within the project team and the Project Committee, in which representatives of the Directorates participated.

In the course of the second quarter of 2019, the AIO was able to establish an internal project manager, who took over the project completely after the submission. He successfully coordinated the final setup of all peripheral systems, the suppliers for the new hardware, product road shows for the employees, training, rollout and remarketing of the old hardware. The rollout of the "Modern Workplace" was successfully completed in time for the "End of Support Date" of Windows 7 by January 2020.

Roman Vogt

"Thanks to atrete, we were able to make up the backlog and build the project solidly. By means of a successful tender, we have procured the equipment for the Modern Workplace. We are particularly pleased about the technical and methodical competence and the optimal handover to our internal project manager".