10 September 2020

IT Strategy City of Schlieren

The city of Schlieren is one of the largest municipalities in the canton of Zurich and, like many other municipalities in Switzerland, is facing numerous challenges in the field of digitization (especially in the area of e-government). 

In the course of the developments of recent years and the digitalisation of processes, also in public administration, the existing IT strategy of the city was to be revised in order to be able to meet current and future requirements. The management had the following expectations of the strategy paper:

  • Development of clear decision bases and guidelines for IT projects
  • Creation of transparency of IT activities and the use of resources in relation to the areas
  • Focus on the support of value-adding business processes
  • Clarification of the future role of IT within the organisation
  • Definition of a roadmap for implementation

The management of the city of Schlieren asked atrete for support in developing the new strategy. As a basis for defining the IT strategy, atrete relied on the well-known maturity model. 

Maturity model

In addition, a methodology was used to concretize the study, in which the organization was examined for four different sub-areas: 

  1. View of the business processes
  2. customer perspective
  3. Verification of operational quality
  4. A look at the future 

For each of the four sub-areas, 3 views

in the considerations:

  1. Services
  2. Capacity
  3. Infrastructure

Part of every strategy is a mission statement. This was also developed by atrete in cooperation with the management to define, among other things, the role of IT within the organization. Based on the developed strategy, a handful of strategic initiatives were defined for implementation. As a first step, the creation of a service catalogue was started, which in a first phase should transparently map the basic services of IT. In the meantime, the basic service catalogue has been created and is in the implementation phase. Further steps will now follow.

Oliver Küng

"atrete's structured approach to the individual steps and the associated decisions that had to be made were a great help in the development of the IT strategy".