2 June 2020

Public submission of a Digital Workplace Service

A leading energy company with over 2,000 employees was planning a comprehensive IT transformation. The goal was to move from an infrastructure-oriented to a service-oriented model. One project in the transformation was the Digital Workplace including the central service desk and the integrating services.

atrete was commissioned by the energy company, among other things, as a consultant for the implementation of the definition and procurement of the Digital Workplace. In close cooperation with the customer, atrete defined the workplace service to be procured at the beginning of the project. Basically, two dimensions were relevant

  1. the various terminals (PCs, virtual desktops, mobile devices, peripherals)
  2. the numerous service levels (workplace environment, integration services and support)

For each service level atrete modules were defined, which describe the services on each level in more detail:

  • Workstation environment: modules such as endpoint security, end device lifecycle management, operation of the workstation and applications, engineering and packaging  
  • Integration services: Management of the Active Directory, online services, software distribution, messaging and printing
  • Support layer: Services such as the service desk and on-site support

Thanks to these detailed service descriptions and the presentation of the different versions, transparency and clarity was created for the providers with regard to the requirements for the subsequent procurement. This also made it easier to evaluate the offers and led to a successful selection of the appropriate service provider.  

atrete is also happy to support you in transformations and procurements of tenders under public procurement law.